Chilwell School Library

Welcome to Chilwell School Library

Open Mon-Fri, between 8.00am and 4.00pm, our library is designed to provide a safe space for pupils, to inspire a love of reading and to support teachers and students with research based learning across the curriculum.

The library houses about 10,000 items, including classic and contemporary teen and YA fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction, background reading for KS3 project work and media equipment for use by classes. We house reference books, including a 6th form reference collection and a range of online resources accessible via the library iPads and Chromebooks. There is a small collection of DVD’s chosen to supplement our fiction collection.

The school Careers collection is supported by a separate 6th Form study room with 5 Chrome boxes and a small library designed to support ‘A’ level work. This is in addition to the 6th form University Prospectus collection housed at Lakeview. The Careers page can be found here.

We also run an after-school Board Game Club every Monday and will soon be starting up an Art Club at lunchtimes.

Pupils can access the online library catalogue on school pc's by clicking on the icon on their school desktop.

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