Careers at Chilwell School

Your Careers Adviser is Ms Smith, she is based in Lakeview on Wednesdays in the office next to L12.

Ms Smith offers impartial careers guidance, providing access to independent information, advice and guidance about the education, training and employment options most likely to help students achieve their potential.

Careers guidance appointments are available on Wednesdays in Lakeview (office next to L12).

There is also a drop-in service for quick questions or advice at Lakeview on Wednesday lunch times.

There is an annual timetable whereby the year groups are offered careers appointments:

Sept-Jan Y11 Dec-Feb Y9

Mar-Jun Y10 Jun-July Y8

6th form students can request an appointment at any time of year.

If you are in Years 8-11 and you have not been offered an appointment, please let Ms Smith or your tutor know so that one can be arranged.

Booking a Careers Interview

What can I expect from my careers interview?

Your appointment will last for 25 minutes so please be prompt.

What is discussed will be led by your needs, for example:

· How to choose your future career

· The pathways into your chosen career

· The options available after Y9, Y11 and Y13

· Information and advice on choosing the correct GCSE and A Level subjects for you

· Information and advice on college courses, apprenticeships and Post 18 opportunities including university and Higher Apprenticeships

· Anything else that might be useful to your future plans