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Pupil Reviews of the Nottingham Brilliant Book Award books

BBA 2019

BBA 2018

BBA 2017

This book may look like "Just another superhero novel“ but pick it up and read through and you may be surprised. Full of drama, mishaps and unexpected heroes and villains, this book is great for someone into fantasy or adventure and it features the Black Dragon. Who is the Black Dragon? Read it and find out! 5 Stars. Malina.

I liked this book because the characters were believable and there was some mystery in the books. I liked how he was just an ordinary boy but he was also King and the ending was really good because of the plot twist. I always wanted to read more because the book gets more interesting as you read on. I would recommend this book to a lot of people because it has a lot of genres it would fit into. Overall, I think people who like fantasy , adventure and mystery would like this book the most. 4 Stars. Harry.

I thought it was a bit fast paced for me and Haley was very shy/afraid. I think this book is for people who like Power Rangers or Beast Quest. 2 Stars. Bethan.

I absolutely loved to read this action fantasy adventure book. It was so good I couldn't take my eyes off the page! I immediately got into it and I felt really connected to them for some reason. 5 Stars. Dylan.

I liked the book because of the characters. I like the character cormac because of his his personality and his powers. The story was exciting because of the adventure. I would recommend this to poplar who like time travel and ninjas. 4 Stars. Jake.

I liked this book because it was exciting and they have super powers. Kate can talk to animals and ghost can turn invisible and Cormac can run very fast. They have to fight Lord Gorda. People that like adventure stories would like this book. 3 Stars. Lara.

I really like this book because at the start it was really fast. Although there is an upsetting ending, it is a really good book for people who love adventure. I really liked the connection between Jack and Ross. 5 Stars. Lucy.

I really liked this book because it was fast paced and exciting until the end when the pace slowed down. I liked how Jack changed through the book and his bravery. I would recommend the book to people who like crime and fast paced books. 4 Stars. Isaac.

I liked the book and I couldn't put it down it was tense and exiting I really liked the character jack because he was smart and handled problems easily as I read on I found that the book dragged on and it took ages to get to the end.to me the ending wasn't satisfying . 3 Stars. Emma.

This book is full of surprise and adventure. I really enjoyed the intriguing and interesting journey of travelling back in time. I like the fact that a girl is so good at archery and it is not your typical man who saves the day. Instead, it is the girl who is physical and strong. I recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure. 5 Stars. Daniel.

The book was very exciting towards the end but I found it very slow to start with. The plot was very good but I didn't really feel connected to the story, I think that this book is suitable for many people but mainly people who don't mind a slow start. 3 Stars. Freya.

I thought the book was too historical. People who like medieval or historical books would like it. It was very long and had a slow narrative. I liked Merry Owens because she is very mysterious. 2 Stars. Miele.

I really enjoyed the book because the plot was really good and always left me wanting to read more. There was a bit of mystery at the end but this wasn't a bad thing. I think this book would appeal to people who like adventure books. 5 Stars. Harry.

This book was very enjoyable and I really connected with the characters. The relationship between Rain and Rose is very strong throughout the entire book. The start is a bit random because Rose tells you about homonyms and prime numbers; it's confusing! This book is unique and quirky because of the homonyms, prime numbers and personalities in the book. I recommend this book to readers who like strong emotion in the books they read. 5 Stars. Daniel.

I dislike this book because it's full of homophones and I don't really like things that are about English language in stories. I do like the friendship that Rose and Rain have, because Rain sticks with her and listens to her. 3 Stars. Alicia.

This book is a great adventure book. I feel like it went on a bit at the start. However it is really interesting for people who like homonyms and homophones. The ending is quite unexpected! 2 Stars. Lucy.

SPOILER IN THIS REVIEW I loved this book because it was very interesting and the plot was very good. I thought Rose was nice by giving her dog back to the original owners. I think this book is for people who like to have a bit of a cry. 5 Stars. Leo.

I liked the plot and felt that doing amazing things with household items was funny. All of the characters were good and mostly funny. Overall, it was a bit sad, but it had a feel-good ending. I would recommend it to anyone. 5 Stars. Charlie.

I felt like the book started slow and uninteresting. Luckily it gets better as you read and I really enjoyed it. I like the character of Albie because he is determined and positive but I don't like Victoria Barnes because I think she is a snob and a spoilt child. I would recommend this book to people who like science and adventure. 4 Stars. Emma.

This was a pretty rushed book because of the descriptions, which went by very fast. This book is full of science fiction and action. The ending was pretty sad but I still loved it. I think people with family loss would like this book. I think it would help them a lot! 4 Stars. Ellie.

I think the start of the book was a bit confusing but it unraveled and became more understandable. I liked Albie because of his creativeness and determination to find his mum. I would recommend this book to people who like science. 4 Stars. Jake.

This book was very good. I liked it, even though it was hard to get your head around. I felt I knew the characters. I would recommend it to someone into science. 3 Stars. Sam.

BBA 2016

This book is great! It is one of the best I have ever read. I especially like all the anagrams! This book shows the story of an ordinary boy who loves maths but gets bullied by Victor, the meanest kid in the school, until one day he gets revenge! The mystery is hidden in puzzles and anagrams. People who like maths, anagrams, puzzles and mysteries this book is definitely for you!

5 Stars

I really, really enjoyed Smart. It's full of adventure, and as soon as I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I thought that all the characters, places and the story were believable. I think that Scarface's house is the best part. Who is Scarface? Read the book to find out!

5 stars

Charlie was a boy that got bullied. I was really surprised about this because I thought he's the type of boy that would be really popular. This book is alright but it's not my style because I like horror. The reason I don't hate it is because it made me think.

3 stars

This is a brilliant book with a very interesting and magical plot. Daniel starts off with a very boring life, living in an orphanage. When he stumbles across the Nowhere Emporium, his life improves greatly. He makes lots of life friends like Mr Silver, the owner of the Nowhere Emporium, and his daughter, Ellie. I'd recommend this fantastic book to anyone who loves magical fantasy stories with a hint of danger.

5 stars