How to use the Library

The library is used by pupils and staff throughout the school day. It is open before school, at lunchtime and after school until 4pm.

If you are a new Year 7 student you will be given a library card in September. Keep your library card safe as you will need it if you want to visit the library at lunchtime.


Borrow books, DVDs and audiobooks.

Yr 7 will visit every 2 weeks during registration in HT2

Choose books, take them home to read and do your English Homework on them (Y7 & 8).

Use our Chromebooks to do homework from 8am to 4pm.

Use books, magazines and library staff to help with homework from 8am to 4pm.

Socialise and play board games at lunch and before / after school.

Join the Board Game Club (all years) on Monday after school (can be used towards your Duke of Edinburgh Award).

If you are a 6th former, you can use the 6th form study room between 8am - 4pm, which has 3 tables, 5 Google Chrome pc's, a Careers and University book collection and a range of books and journals.


If you want to borrow something, take it to the library desk to be issued. You can borrow a book or audiobook for 2 weeks and a DVD for 1 week. You do not need your library card to do this.

When you return something, again take it to the library desk so that we know you have brought it back.

There are no fines for late books but we will contact students and write a letter home if your loans are late. It is better to ask to renew your books if you are still using them.

You will be charged for lost or damaged items; the cost will be based on replacing the item; if it is an old item, the cost will be reduced.

Library Clubs

We are in the process of getting pupils to choose which days they want the library clubs to run, but we will be running the following clubs in the library:

Board and Card Game Club for all years, weekly, Monday after school until 4pm

Manga Art Club day Wednesday after school until 4pm.

To register your interest in any of these clubs, pop into the library and ask.

You can access the library catalogue in school by clicking on the Eclipse icon on your school pc

From home, you can access the library catalogue by clicking on this icon (you need Microsoft Silverlight installed for this to work).